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Why 3 Days?

Short, intense workouts can be great for inducing fat loss, increasing aerobic capacity, and reducing risk for cardiovascular disease.

There is a fine line between training hard and overtraining.


Certain high-intensity exercise routines, when done too frequently, can push the body’s stress response too far, leading to a cascade of biochemical responses that can cause serious damage to health in both the short and long term.

High intensity too often (more frequently than 3 times per week) has been proven to cause chronically elevated cortisol levels which can and do lead to: weight and body fat gain (particularly around the abdomen), digestive issues, sleep and memory impairment, muscle loss, chronic fatigue, depression, altered immune systems and hypothyroidism. 


When a goal of exercise is to lose weight or improve energy, overtraining can clearly be a major barrier to achieving those goals.


High intensity, high stress exercise should be limited to three times per week.
One to two times per week you should engage in a type of exercise that can help modulate your cortisol levels and flush sore muscles with fresh blood to accelerate healing, while still contributing to your overall goals (think conversational cardio and stretching).

This is what sets swët Fitness apart from other programs - we back our programming and structure with science and experience! Our goal is not to push people into unlimited memberships that encourage overtraining - we want our members to see real results backed by the latest studies in fitness and exercise science!

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